Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

It is one of NMS’ goals to create and foster a safety culture that permeates everything we do both corporately and individually. As a company, we believe that safety is a journey, not a destination. We must continually find ways to advance our safety culture and always continue to make safety a priority. Here, on this page, you will find some tools, such as the Safety Manual and Safety Handbook, to help you advance this safety culture within your sphere of influence.

Key Contact

HSSE Contacts

  • HSSE Manager
    Tom Neill: 907) 273-2469 or (907) 748-5572

  • Safety Specialist
    Matthew Pawlak: (907) 273-4239 or (907) 575-0953

  • Safety Specialist
    Coree Olivas: (907) 273-3727 or (907) 317-0447

  • Workers' Compensation Claims Manager
    Megan Christiani: (907) 273-2493
    e Fax: (866) 669-6826

Other Contacts

  • Compliance, Ethics and Reporting Hotline

    This hotline may be used to report any issue related to financial matters, safety, human resources or information technology. If you see or suspect unethical or illegal behavior, please report your concerns. You may report your concerns anonymously using this hotline.

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